Why Participate?

Reduce your Flood Risk

Get access to the latest home flood prevention technology from industry leading partners. Participating is a great way to flood proof you home.

Cutting Edge Technologies

The technology providers included in this study have been hand selected based on their reliable & innovative capabilities.

No Cost

All technology, installation & monitoring is provided free of charge thanks to the generous support of the project partners.

Improve Our Community

The purpose of this study is to reduce the negative effects of stormwater flows and residential flooding in Collingwood.

Led by a Reliable Team

The Pilot Project is managed by an engaged group of local organizations to reduce risk and produce remarkable results.

National Exposure

Our study has been deemed a “signature project” based on its high importance. We plan to apply our insights across Canada after its completion.

Contact our team today and apply to be a participant in our pilot study here.
Based on eligibility, our team will contact you and discuss options to participate.
We monitor the your installation 24/7 producing insights and reducing your risk.
Pilot Project Goals
The purpose of this pilot project is to address impacts of extreme weather, reduce residential flood risks and lower asset maintenance costs for the Town of Collingwood. All insights from this study will be shared with other communities across Canada who face the same risks our community currently faces. Join our Pilot Project and be a part of the solution.
Address Extreme Weather
Heavy winter snowfalls and frequent snowmelt combined with rainfall events have made flood mitigation a high priority. The unpredictable nature of these weather patterns represents a tremendous risk to our municipality, homeowners, wastewater system infrastructure and other stakeholders.
Share Insights Nationally
We are undertaking this pilot project because numerous communities are struggling with the same problems Collingwood currently faces. We intend to help others based on our findings and engineering solutions.
Promote cutting-edge technologies
With the generous support of project partners and other stakeholders, we are giving a limited number of participants the opportunity to save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for installation and monitoring of “intelligent” sump pumps, rain cisterns and rain gardens, or a combination of all three.
Help Local Residents
We are excited about the prospect of helping local Collingwood residents flood proof their home and reduce the risks associated with extreme weather. We’re passionate to help and are glad we can provide our products & services free of charge.