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We’re an engaged team with a goal of delivering premier technology solutions founded on engineering principles.
Together, we have solid track record of reducing risk and delivering value added solutions.

Greenland International Consulting Ltd.

In coordination with the Town of Collingwood, Greenland International Consulting Ltd. (Greenland) will serve as project managers on the pilot project. Greenland has over 20 years of Canada-wide experience undertaking projects with an integrated watershed protection and infrastructure planning/design; information technology; and, public‐private partnership focus. Greenland’s client base includes all levels of government; Indigenous Peoples; utility and resource sector industries; railways; and, land developers.Project management will involve R. Mark Palmer, P. Eng. and Jim Hartman, P. Eng. and who are licensed as Professional Engineers in the Province of Ontario.
SafeSump Inc.
The SafeSump is an internet connected failsafe sump pump system making it superior to the conventional technology. It constantly updates a dashboard that owners can log into from anywhere and sends email alerts if any issue occurs. Other benefits include a custom sonar water sensor, variable speed pump, built in software contingencies and a backup battery.
The SafeSump™ technology is crucial to quantify sump pump discharge in key Collingwood neighbourhoods. Data from residential installations will be analyzed with sewer flow data being collected in another concurrent study. This comparison of data is needed to confirm a hypothesis that current extraneous flows (Inflow/Infiltration) may be responsible for seasonally high inflows at the Town’s waste water treatment plant.


RainGrid Inc. is a climate change adaptation company founded to design and build distributed networks of intelligent rain harvesting for residential properties, the largest source of urban stormwater runoff. We design StormwaterSmartgrids as reliable, measurable and effective community flood and drought resilience infrastructure that resolves the inherent social and operational barriers facing analog residential rain barrel programs.
RainGrid is a Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF) Leaders Innovation Forum for Technology (LIFT) designated technology recognized for its effective “climate de-risking” of homes, neighbourhood infrastructure and the urban ecology. Leading North American and European cities are integrating Stormwater Smartgrid/smartBlu projects into their climate resilience and adaptation strategies.
Environment Network
The Environment Network is a non profit organization working with communities, the public, and all levels of government to ensure a healthy and sustainable environment.
Their team will play a key role as participant/community liaison and will also assist with overall project coordination.
Huronia Alarm & Fire Security Inc.

Huronia Alarm & Fire Security Inc. began in 1972 as a security, fire safety and monitoring company. We are a family-run company, with a team of over 50 professionals, including licensed and certified technicians.  Our team has helped us grow to become the recognized leader, across Central Ontario.

Huronia will play a key role in the monitoring component of the Pilot Study. All SafeSump™ systems will be monitored by their experienced team for an extra layer of safety.
Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation
The Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation will play an important advisory role in our pilot project. According to Blair Feltmate (Head of ICCA): “The integration of internet technology with Low Impact Development practices has the potential of generating unprecedented levels of data, information and insights about action homeowners can take to limit basement flooding. The Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation (ICCA) is highly supportive of this pilot project as it takes a Big Data approach to an issue that has been lacking this level of data collection.” To read the full letter of support click here.
Town of Collingwood
Collingwood is a bustling town filled with energy, creativity, and the natural beauty of South Georgian Bay.  As one of the top places in Ontario to open and operate a small business, Collingwood boasts a growing population and a thriving business community. Collingwood acts as gateway to the South Georgian Bay region, with stunning landscapes that encourage an active lifestyle, and inspire the local arts & culture community.  Only 90 minutes from Toronto, Collingwood holds a unique position as both a business leader and a recreational gem. Experience big city amenities, in a small-town harbourfront community.

A local team with decades of experience

Greenland Consulting Ltd.                   SafeSump Inc.                   Huronia  Alarm & Fire Security Inc.                   Environment Network
Our pilot project is led by 4 Collingwood based organizations with a solid track record of delivering exceptional results. Our goal is to deliver premier technology solutions founded on engineering principles. Contributing to our community at the same time is a bonus.
Our Collective Goals & Approach
We’re excited to have you join our pilot project and reap the rewards of our innovative storm water reduction approach. Below are some benefits of being apart of our study.
Managing Stormwater
We intend to reduce inflow of stormwater into sanitary sewers and stormwater infrastructure from private properties during critical stormwater events.
Reduce Flood Risk
Our pilot project aims to reduce flooding from extreme weather from both a municipal and residential perspective.
Innovative Technologies
We are bringing together innovative “smart” technologies that allow for data-driven decision making.
Cost-effective Solutions
The subsidies granted for this pilot project allow for us to install state of the art solutions at no cost to the homeowner.
IoT Sump Pumps

The SafeSump™ is an internet connected sump pump system making it superior to the conventional technology. It constantly updates an online dashboard and sends email alerts to home owners if any issue occurs.

IoT Rain Cisterns

RainGrid harnesses the power of big data and real-time automation and alleviates stresses placed on existing stormwater infrastructure by capturing rain where it falls in highly sophisticated Smart Cisterns.

Rain Gardens

Rain Gardens are key to collect and hold stormwater at a residential level. This prevents excess water from reaching the storm sewers and stressing the Town’s sewer system during peak rain events. 

Engineering solutions for our community and beyond
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