Participant survey results

Earlier this year, the Collingwood Stormwater Pilot Project team organized a survey for all participants of our study. The goal was to gauge levels of interest and satisfaction around our project activities to-date. 
A summary of the survey results can be found below: 

1. Are you satisfied with participating in our Stormwater Pilot Project?
     – Yes: 97%
     – No: 3%

2. Do you understand the technology used in our Pilot Project?
     – Yes: 90%
     – No: 10%
3. If received a Rain Cistern or Rain Garden feature from our study, please let us know if you are satisfied with the level of service and end result of the installation.
     – Yes: 92%
     – No: 8%
4. Do you see any areas of improvement in how this Pilot Study was organized or conducted?
     – Yes: 21%*
     – No: 79%

* Most comments focused on wanting increased levels of communication around the effectiveness of our study once sufficient data is available. Our project team recognizes this interest as it was one of the reasons many homeowners signed up for our initiative to begin with. Having said that, we do intend to communicate our conclusions once we have had enough time to collect & analyze the data from all installed project devices. In this last year, participants can expect increased communication from our project team around this topic. We look forward informing all participants (and the general public) about our success in mitigating stormwater flows in our community.

5. Would you recommend this Pilot Study to family, friends, or neighbours?
     – Yes: 90%
     – No: 10%
6. If you received a SafeSump sump pump unit, do you feel that participating in this pilot project has helped reduce the chance of a basement flood in your home?
     – Yes: 100%
     – No: 0%
7. If you have a Rain Cistern or Rain Garden installed from the study, do you feel that either of these features have helped reduce stormwater flows away from your property?*
     – Yes: 70%
     – No: 30%

*We understand this was a highly subjective question but we thought it was important to gauge participants’ perception about how successful project devices and features are working.

Coming soon, our data and analysis results will shed light on exactly how effective our stormwater mitigation activities were. We look forward to communicating these results with the public.