How basement flood risk could rise with pandemic-induced municipal funding crunch

In a recent Canadian Underwriter news article, Blair Feltmate, head of the Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation, warns of the potential economic implications from COVID-19 on public works projects aimed at reducing basement flooding.  

 “say for example a 50-year-old neighbourhood needs upgrades to reduce basement flood risk. There is a risk that some proposed upgrades could be delayed because of shortfalls in municipal revenues”.

 “In the case of unscheduled retrofits designed to limit the flood risk associated with long standing infrastructure, revenue shortfalls due to COVID-19 will likely put all but critical projects on hold”.

As the average basement flood in Canada costs more than $40,000, homeowners should take action themselves to reduce the chance of a flooding event. For example, real-time monitoring devices such as the SafeSump™ (sump pump) used in our project have the ability to notify homeowners before flooding issues occur.

We encourage homeowners to take precautionary measures to protect their home regardless of the timelines behind large scale public works projects such as the ones mentioned  in the article.

To read a copy of the news article, please click here.