Water on the Rise: Protecting Canadian Homes from the Growing Threat of Flooding (Report)

A new report from Waterloo’s Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation identifies cost-effective ways homeowners can protect themselves from the top climate change cost in Canada – basement flooding
Key findings suggest that with the right information and often for less than $250, homeowners can protect themselves from the increasing risks of basement floods.
Their multi-year project has identified the most common flood risks for Canadian homeowners, and has identified the most cost-effective steps that homeowners can take to protect themselves from basement flooding.
Below are two info-graphics to complement the report findings. We have highlighted sections that overlap with the objectives of our Collingwood Stormwater Pilot Study – mainly with regards to sump pump maintenance. We would like to echo the report’s conclusion that having a well maintained sump pump (including backup unit & power source) is imperative to reducing the chance of a costly basement flood event. 
To summarize:
  • The first info-graphic provides an overview of key findings within the full report and includes statistics from their initial home inspection activities.
  • The second info-graphic outlines “Three Steps to Cost-Effective Basement Flood Protection”. These are helpful to reduce your basement flooding risk and lower the cost of a cleanup if flooding occurs.