New "After The Flood" Report

We are excited to share the new report titled “After the Flood – The Impact of Climate Change on Mental Health and Lost Time from Work” prepared by the Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation.
The study quantifies the health impacts associated with residential basement flooding and lost time from work, a topic only superficially explored in Canada to date. Researchers conducted 100 door-to-door interviews comparing the mental and physical health impacts among previously flooded and non-flooded households in Burlington, Ontario, a city that experienced severe flooding in August 2014 when 3,500 homes were flooded. The work was supported by Manulife and Intact Financial Corporation. Two significant findings emerged from this study:
  • The average time off work due to flooding was 7-person days (10x the Ontario average)
  • Flooded household members were still highly worried up to 3 years after a flood