There has to be a smarter way

to overcome basement flooding

There has to be a smarter way to overcome basement flooding, an expensive and frustrating event that occurs in homes built in low lying areas.

Harnessing internet technology, a group of local organizations have come together to conduct a pilot project focused on reducing the risk of basement flooding during increasingly extreme weather events.

The pilot is seeking homeowners located in Collingwood to participate in the multi-year study.  Participants will receive free cutting-edge basement flood protection backed by best-in-class monitoring support.

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Our Study

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Our Team

Our project is led by a core team of local organizations with decades of experience.


Registration is now closed. We would like to thank everyone in our community who has already signed up for our project.

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Protect Your Home, Support Your Community

In the South Georgian Bay region heavy winter snowfalls, frequent snowmelt plus rainfall events combined with increasing population have made flood mitigation a high priority. The purpose of this pilot project is to address impacts of extreme weather, reduce residential flood risks and lower asset maintenance costs for the Town of Collingwood. All insights from this study will be shared with other communities across Canada who face the similar risks.
Join our pilot project and be a part of the solution. Protect your home and support your community.
Features of our Study

Our team of local professional engineers, technology innovators and community activists have taken an “Integrated Systems Approach” to design the pilot project. The study goal is to reduce community-wide stormwater inflows to the municipal wastewater collection (sanitary sewers) and treatment plant facility (next to Georgian Bay) from private property sources. This reduction is most critical during extreme weather events and will be achieved by installing neighbourhood “clusters” of proprietary Internet-of-Things (aka ‘Smart’) sump pumps and rain water collection cisterns, as well as lot-level Low Impact Development (LID) features. A key benefit to all study participants is that these flood mitigation practices will utilize cutting edge expertise with new flood prevention technologies in order to help reduce future property flood damage risk.

The SafeSump is an internet connected failsafe sump pump system making it
superior to the conventional technology. It constantly updates a dashboard that owners can log into from anywhere and sends email alerts if any issue occurs. Other benefits include a custom sonar water sensor, variable speed pump, built in software contingencies and a backup battery. Data from residential SafeSump installations will be compared with sewer flow data being collected by the Town of Collingwood via another concurrent study.
RainGrid harnesses the power of big data and real-time automation to bring a scalable, sustainable, low-cost alternative to piped stormwater management. The geospatial design aims to alleviate stresses placed on existing stormwater infrastructure by capturing rain where it falls in highly sophisticated Smart Cisterns.
Our team will examine how redirecting discharge from foundation drains in conjunction with lot-level Low Impact Development (LID) features will help reduce inflows to municipal assets, including the Town’s Waste Water Treatment Plant (WPCP). The LID features will include a select number of at-source residential rain gardens and permeable parking lot practices that will be monitored to gauge levels of effectiveness in conjunction with the use of “smart” sump pump and rain cistern technologies. After monitoring the installed LID features, we intend to then better understand how these lot-level practices can help reduce infrastructure life cycle costs associated with the municipal assets, including the WPCP, sanitary sewer system, stormwater sewer system and other drainage network components such as current stormwater management ponds servicing the affected neighbourhoods.
In coordination with the Town of Collingwood, Greenland International Consulting Ltd. (Greenland) will serve as project managers on the pilot project. Greenland has over 20 years of Canada-wide experience undertaking projects with an integrated watershed protection and infrastructure planning/design; information technology; and, public‐private partnership focus. Greenland’s client base includes all levels of government; Indigenous Peoples; utility and resource sector industries; railways; and, land developers. Project management will involve R. Mark Palmer, P. Eng. and Jim Hartman, P. Eng. and who are licensed as Professional Engineers in the Province of Ontario.

Pilot Project Partners

Our team of experts and local personnel are excited to apply innovative solutions to Collingwood stormwater issues.
Environment Network
Huronia Alarm & Fire Security Inc.
Greenland International Consulting Ltd.
Town of Collingwood
SafeSump Inc.

Messages From Our Team

After 30 years of professional practice, this collaboration is timely to address current media attention about property flooding from extreme weather. The study approach will enable the engineering team to identify solutions that have regard for real-time data, internet modeling tools and use of innovative smart technologies to help residents and businesses.

R. Mark Palmer
President & CEO, Greenland Consulting Engineers

This is a cutting-edge technology pilot project that continues Collingwood’s  long history of water technology innovation.  It presents an innovative approach to reducing homeowner stormwater risks, while providing local companies an opportunity to develop high-tech solutions for markets abroad.

Martin Rydlo
Director, Marketing & Business Development
Town of Collingwood

From Huronia Alarm’s perspective, contributing to this pilot project allows our organization to better serve homeowners in the Collingwood area. We look forward to offering best in class monitoring support and ensuring basements remain safe (and dry).

Rob Thorburn
President & CEO, Huronia Alarm & Fire Security Inc.